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Production Home Designers

Production Home Design and Construction Documents

Lifestyle USA Design works home builders to provide all computer generated documents that meet their needs

Paramount to the construction of a new home is the foundation. Without a solid foundation all future construction phases will suffer. The same could be said about the design and construction documentation stages of every new home prior to construction of the foundation. Lifestyle USA Design has provided it’s clients with award winning, creative and cost effective designs along with accurate and on time construction documentation for over 25 yrs.

We Tailor Our Services To Meet Our Client's Needs

Lifestyle Design has worked for production home builders for so long that it is in our nature to think and act as an integrated partner in our client's operations, big or small. At Lifestyle Design, we take a vested interest in your success, often going the extra mile to meet a tight deadline. It comes down to understanding the importance of the role we play with respect to your operation and taking pride in achieving success.

Lifetsyle Design provides turnkey support, allowing production home builders to fast track projects with seamless integration of construction drawings. Our clients only have to make one call to get what they need. We specialize in working within our client’s standards and systems, whether it is CAD standards, community specs or internal workflow processes. Our clients can rely on us to meet the set deadlines.

Production Home Documentation Services

Lifestyle Design can help clients that need to develop a new production home or improve on your existing product. Let us get your homes to that next level.

Just a few of the services Lifestyle Design offers:

  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Rendered Front Elevations
  • Color Renderings & Street Scenes
  • Photo-realistic Renderings
  • Design Review Submittal Packages
  • competitive advantage

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