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Production Home Designers

Lifestyle USA Design's Mission Statement & Building Information Modeling BIM

With headquarters in Houston, Texas Lifestyle Design has provided it's clients with creative home designs, accurate computer generated construction documentation in a timely and cost effective fashion for over thirty three years.

Since 1981 our design and production staff have maintained leadership in the disciplines of Computer Aided Design and Documentation. To better support the goals of higher quality and more accurate construction documentation Building Information Modeling (BIM) was introduce to its staff in 2003 and has become the wave of the future.

Building information modeling (BIM) is a new way of approaching the design and documentation of projects. BIM allows our home designers to create, visualize and continually modify digital models of possible designs. A design can be represented with as little or as much detail as needed, showing any or all of a home’s many components and systems. And a model can be instantly edited, allowing unlimited numbers of variations to be studied. A designer can readily tweak a home’s geometry, roof shape or slope; floor plan and room configurations; wall thicknesses or ceiling heights; or door placements. With each tweak, the computer software immediately adjusts and displays the entire digital model to reflect the change. BIM supports a distributed team so that people, tools, and tasks can effectively share this information throughout the building lifecycle, thus eliminating data redundancy, data re-entry, data loss, miscommunication, and translation errors.

Our clients include local and national Fortune 500 Builders. We understand and specialize in the complex needs of today's production homebuilder.

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